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We truly understand the dynamics of Real Estate Investing. Our mission is to help Commercial Property Developers find the right Financial Partner to implement their project. We, at NORITA INVESTMENTS AND ASSOCIATES LLC, we’re a group of Acquisition Specialists / Investors / Facilitators with over 75 years of combined REI experience. As specialists, we help identify and indicate qualified financial partners/investors for our developers that seek our assistance.

NORITA INVESTMENTS AND ASSOCIATES, LLC is currently seeking developers and investors for the said holdings in Dubai, Turkey, Puerto Rico Walt, Disney World/Orlando, FL Areas. This is composed of commercial and residential types of development. Our team is seeking a developer and investors with the capacity and creativity to transform the property by following the standards into a commercially viable project. The Investors and Developers are expected to coordinate the construction design down to the detail, to ensure that the proposed project matches the design specification.


Luxury All Inclusive Hotel For Sale in Turkey

Cash Flowing Hotel For Sale Asking $23M.
** Minimum Requirements Apply **


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