Marketing Approach

The purpose of this Property Investment Proposal is to help you understand the marketing process and explain how we can assist you in achieving the sale of the project. From the first stage of the marketing and selling process, we will give you an overview of what happens after the information in this proposal is reviewed.

  1. We will prep you during our call before our meeting for any questions that we have.
  2. During the meeting, we will answer all your questions about the subject property for sale or pending development project.
  3. After your questions has been answered to your satisfactory and you’re confident that your investments will go to the right project, we will enter into an agreement so we can begin attracting the right partner for your investment.
  4. During the contract period, we will continuously keep you briefed throughout the process, by your preferred way of contact with the current progress of the property / project and the results of your investment.

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